A Brief Background of Hostchili

Hostchili was initially started as a private hosting service solely for the purpose of servicing private projects. The idea was to service all websites that were developed by the founder to ensure security and control on all his websites. Over the years, as the number of websites grow, so too the service requirements as well as servicing and maintenance. At this stage, it becomes difficult to juggle between development and server management. It was at this stage were releasing Hostchili as a service on its own was toyed, while the founder focuses on web and applications development.

A year after, Hostchili was released as a service on its own. It allows to grow on its own. The idea is to fully automate all processes, while its people focused in maintenance and support works. It is the desire of the founder that human intervention must be as close to nothing as possible.

Hostchili Logo

Hostchili is created from the idea of the Founder's love of chili and spicy foods.
The might of the chili resembles resilience and strength. The logo itself shows the hotness of its smile!

Hostchili Technical Team Logo

The Technical Team
In 2015, Hostchili's Technical Team was organize to provide 24/7 support to its client and server maintenance.
This further strengthen its mission to provide reliable, safe and optimal service.

Base of Operation
Our base of operation is located in Cebu City, Philippines.
For security reason, we do not accept visitors with no prior appointment.
As such, should you wish to communicate with us, use our Contact Us page.

Our Office
Hostchili Domain Resources
814 Trinity Plaza Tower
Gonzales Compd., Gorordo Avenue
Cebu City 6000, Philippines

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